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Release date: May 5, 2019

Navigate your spaceship through endless waves of asteroids and become the best pilot in the universe.

Do you have what it takes?

Enter a galaxy of never ending threats.
Use your reaction skills to dodge asteroids and shooting stars.
Navigate your spaceship close to the asteroids to unlock the real potential of your vessel and unleash a boost, which will significantly increase your earned points.


Collect valuable resources!

When you travel through the endless galaxy your space ship will encounter various valuable resources.
Collect them to unlock special vessel and boost tail skins.
Make your friends jealous!


Will you be the next star pilot?

There are many pilots out there in the galaxy, but only a few of them will leave behind a legacy.
Will you become the best pilot in space? Climb your way up in the leaderboard and show off your navigation skills. Only the top pilots will receive special rewards at the end of each season.

Join an epic journey, explore strange galaxies, and reach points where no one has been before.


  • Explore space
  • Avoid asteroids
  • Collect valuable resources
  • Unlock special skins
  • Unleash mighty boost streaks
  • Climb your way up the leaderboard
  • Play on the go, pause at any time
  • Free to play


You are the commander of one of the last space ships capable of finding valuable resources in the galaxy to save the old, exhausted planet. On your home planet, humans have always spoken about a distant galaxy where life is still alive. Green forests, nutritious soil, excess water...

Utopian ideas.

Your father, one of the most famous pilots, taught you everything about flying and controlling a space ship. Your moment has come. Now it is up to you and your abilities to find your way in the cruel environment of space and to save the lives of many people.

As you navigate your space ship past comets and destructive asteroids that get in your way, you notice a bright spot. The resources humans had spoken about are right in front of you. You steer your ship towards it. As your ship touches the glowing spot, a voice sounds from your Navcom: "Pilot. These are the resources humans have been talking about. But do you want to take the risk and fly back again? Give away all these valuable materials without recognition?" The signal disconnects. Your ship seems to have received an unknown energy from the collision with the resource.

As you continue your journey across the galaxy and collect more of the valuable resources, you notice that something is changing. You are obsessed with the idea that you want to reach the planet mankind dreams of. Your Navcom sounds: "Pilot. There are only a few other pilots alive. When you try to turn back, most of them have died of a collision with an asteroid. The world you dream of is in front of you. But only one pilot and only one spaceship will be allowed access to this world." A list appears in your on-board computer. You stare at it with big eyes. Names. Many names. Also yours. You realize that this is a high score list. "Only the last survivor. Only one pilot. Only one ship," it sounds again from the Navcom.

You understand that there is no way back now. You have to use the resources to equip your ship with a harder alloy and boost your propulsion if you want to become the best pilot in the galaxy.

Do you have what it takes to become the last pilot?
How well do you know the galaxy?
Do you trust your ship?

Download RockIt! today, get your space ship ready and proof that you are worthy to become the best and most skilled pilot in the whole galaxy.


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